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Making rewrites.
Those guys who are interested in making cash online pay much attention to rewriting as a promising way of earning online. In fact advanced users know that rewriting is much easier than copywriting and no less profitable. That’s why rewriting has become extremely popular for the last time. So I’d like to drop you a few lines about rewriting.

It goes without saying that making a rewrite of an article is much simpler than writing original unique articles. When being involved into rewriting you only need to rewrite an article it in your own words or in several ways. Typically, beginners are recommended to follow the following method. You have to read the text of the original article in a separate file and then draw up a plan of your article and proceed from this plan, writing your own story. This method is good because it helps to dilute the story in your thoughts at the time when the plan can’t reflect the content of the article. The main thing is that there’s a chance to make an article which can be even better than the original source.

In fact, many rewriters enjoy a completely different way. For example you can divide a window of Word in two parts. One part includes original and correspondently another one includes your creation. This method is rather convenient from my point of view.

If you need a simple rewrite, then you can do it directly in the text. It goes without saying that it is very convenient to use various synonyms. Many of them are available for downloading on the network and moreover there’s special software for this purpose. If you write for free sale or a simple site – satellite, your art will be very rewarding. Customers also tend to require more thorough rewrites. In this case, it won’t be not enough to replace word synonyms and interchange paragraphs. The output should be a completely different, which to some extent is similar to unique articles. Ideally, after reading your rewrite one should catch only very few similarities. You can not use the phrase of a proposal or article, because search engines will assume your text as secondary, rather than copyright.

Do not be afraid to add your own thoughts and reasoning. Of course, you should realize that there’s a certain measure in inserting your own thoughts. Moreover much depends on the source. For example, I often write on women’s themes and therefore in my articles I often share my thoughts on a particular issue from my own experience. By definition, a rewriter should not add anything to the article but the matter is that you are a writer now and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with a particular article. You should consult with the customer on this issue and then you can write whatever you think about this article.

Ok, you made up your mind to generate profits in the net – congratulations. But it’s too early to open champagne, because now you need realistic ways to make money online and what business model will match you perfectly.

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