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When surfing through the Internet, one occasionally comes across little text advertisements to the right of the usual advertisements that come in websites. These are ads through the program Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a variation of the pay-pero-click advertising system; advertisers end up paying Google for each click by a searcher or web-surfer, not for any other extraneous costs. A regular Google Adwords ad is composed of a headline with 25 characters and basic product information with at most 70 characters.

However, unlike the regular pay-per-click systems which base their search engine hits and ranking based completely on a site’s ability to bid highest for particular keywords, Google Adwords gives a ranking on the basis of the cost per click and the click-through rate. This means that while advertisers also aim to bid for keywords, Google also factors in the relevance and the traffic coming in to the website when ranking a page.

Why are people using this system?

The Internet, as everyone may well know, is an effective means to reach people across borders and geographic constraints. According to recent polls, Google and its various applications (its search engines, its email services, among others) reach over 80 percent of the Internet’s average users. This simply translates to greater than 80 percent of Google’s average 81.9 million users in a month being exposed to advertisements via the Google network.

More than that, Google Adwords appear even in its email service portal, called Google Mail (or Gmail). The little advertising snippets appear atop the Inbox and even within the body of the emails sent to and fro Google users. With statistics showing that majority of the time spent on the Internet actually going into checking, writing, and managing emails, this even increases the demographic exposed to advertisements run on Google Adwords.

Other Google affiliates, like AOL, AskJeeves, AT&T, and even the New York Times, who employ Google’s search capacities, include Adwords ads in their search pages.

Given this huge exposure without the fixed cost of prepaid advertising services, it is obvious why many advertisers flock to Google Adwords.

How does one get ahead with Google Adwords?

The answer is simple—get the Adwords ad ranked higher than the rest! With a higher ranking comes greater exposure in more web pages, search engines, and affiliate pages, as well as more traffic coming through to click the advertisement and gain access to the product or service being offered by the company.

The first thing that must be assured is that the keywords are in fact, relevant and related to the content of the website. The closeness of the keywords to the very content found in the website, the greater propensity for Google to rank the page higher.

If the company is intent in using a particular domain for over a year, it should sign up for the domain services for more than a year. This is the best way for Google not to evaluate the site as a spam site, as spam websites usually sign up for domains only for a duration of the year.

Testing is also a necessary factor in trying to make the most out of Google Adwords. Find ways in order to test the traffic generated by various keywords in relation to the content of the product or service being offered. Use keywords in the ads partly into the headline or title of the page with the product or service.

Moreover, do not spread the coverage of the advertisements too thinly. Google allows for its clients to specify countries, regions, and languages. Take advantage of this option in order to advertise to the niche and target market—the market that will likely be interested in the product or service offered, and, eventually, make a purchase.

Most importantly, make sure that clicking on the Adwords advertisement will lead to a page detailing the exact product being advertised, not a motley of other products. This allows for the page to be more relevant to the keywords found within the Adwords ad.

Taking advantage of this ingenious system created by Google is not too difficult given some time and energy focused into creating the best and most efficient advertisements. By targeting the market and making content relevant and up-to-date, any company’s Adwords ads will surely come in stellar ranking compared to those who don’t follow the same tips.

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