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There are many ways to save money these days. How about one that has a home business opportunity along with it. I find that people that I know and even the one’s looking for ways to earn money online, they get real excited when I tell them how much money they can save. It gets even better when they can earn money back at the same time.

We all know that in this country with so lots of people out of work and being jobless. People are looking for ways to accumulate money each and every month. The new economy we are in now has people looking for ways to save money each and every month.

My World Plus is a low cost home business that cost less than $20 a month and it truly can save your family over $200 per month if you do your homework. What I mean by that if you just take the time and look at what your spending each month and do some searches within your back office to see what coupons and discounts are there for you to use.

Some examples I can quickly tell you about is grocery shopping. Every person reading this buys grocery’s weekly or a number of times a month. many of you never cut any coupons out before because it was just too much of a bother. Besides you had to look through magazines, newspaper and flyers to find the coupons. Well how about if you log into your back office click save money and print grocery coupons then plug in your zip code and immediately you will have over a hundred grocery coupons of all the name brands. All you do then is put a check mark by the ones you would like printed and within minutes you can take these to the grocery to begin saving money.

The program is built around saving money on shopping; you get a discount card to use at places like Starbucks, Burger King, Radio Shack, Subway, hotels, and much more. You get your own shopping mall with over 200 online stores to shop at. You produce rebate points when you shop that can be used for future purchases.

In the past two weeks we had a major issue with our automobile. Thank goodness it broke down near our home, but it wouldn’t start and had to be towed in for maintenance. I did a search in my back office and seen I would get 10% off any repair from the local Goodyear store. So guess where we had it towed to. It turned out to be a expensive repair with fuel pump in the tank, filter and the battery was dead and had to be replaced as well but with our coupon we gave them at check out we saved $86 off the total bill. That right that paid our monthly membership for over 4 months.

The discount saving’s is massive, when I do a search within my zip code I get over 1300 retailers that offer some sort of discounts. All I have to do is click on that specific retailer and print out there coupon to obtain my discount. So I save money by shopping at the identical places that I would normally be shopping at.

Here is what makes this a fantastic home business. MyWorldPlus cost $69.95 to join and then the monthly fee is $19.95 making it inexpensive with a low entry point. It’s a great internet business where you can without difficulty find people on the internet who want to save money as well as make money. So you don’t have to run out to your friends and family to have them join your business. But once you see the importance of the membership your family members will want to know how you are saving this much money.

The company pays their members on their first 5 levels whether they enroll anyone or not. You are guaranteed to make money even if you don’t sign anyone under you. So this can be thrilling to get a check in the mail for just being a member. A proportion of this is paid back to the distributors in the form retail bonuses and a mlm pay plan called vertical acceleration. All you need to know about that is you will get thousands of people under you very fast. I already have a downline close to 3,000 people.

If you join and find this is not what you were looking for you can stop your membership at any time. But I think if you use the membership to save your family money that your already spending then you will really like this program.

As you evaluate an opportunity and compare it to let’s say My World Plus, you will soon see why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the WORLD. No other company has a product that literally pays for itself, a pay plan that helps the “little guy” get results FAST and LONG TERM, a system that does 95% of the work for you, the top coaching to teach you and your new people EXACTLY what to do, and a company that has vision, passion, and a commitment to helping you be successful.

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