Struggling In USANA? Here’s Why 97% Fail

Hello, and welcome to this article page. Today I will be giving you a detailed review on the MLM company USANA, and also I will be revealing today some of the many reasons why most struggle when attempting to launch their home-based businesses from the start.

Also you want to keep in mind that this is a third party review on the USANA business opportunity. Many marketers who might be affiliated with a specific network marketing company in most cases usually pick, and choose sides because several have attempted building their businesses, and failed miserably or they are already a part of a specific company trying to hype things up as a desperate attempt to make a quick sale.

So here on this site I will be giving you a full and unbiased review on the USANA Business Opportunity.
Now several of you reading this article may be asking yourself a simple question, like what exactly is USANA, and is this a beneficial place to begin my online business venture? Indeed this network marketing company is by far one of the most well-known home-based business opportunities in the network marketing arena. USANA has been around a little while, and was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992. Concerning the products of this company, they consist of personal care items like, nutritional vitamins, diet and energy aids for the human body, and so on. Concerning the USANA comp plan, in my opinion I think it’s pretty decent, and well thought out compensation plan, and the main reasons are because they do offer 6 ways to get paid such as, matching bonuses, retail sales on the products, weekly commissions based on points that you earn, matching bonuses, and leadership bonuses as well.

So in overall, USANA I would say is a pretty good business opportunity, however the reason why many struggle when starting this business opportunity is because of the lack of marketing skills, and lead flow. What you will most definitely need without question (if you are serious about becoming a top producer, and the top earner within your USANA business opportunity) is a system that eliminates the reasons why many fail in the network marketing industry. For example, lack of leads, running out of money before getting your business going, and the frustration of trying to qualify prospects by trying to convince them into joining your USANA business opportunity. In order to be on the same plainfield within USANA as the top producers, you will need to be able to generate at least 50 to 150 leads per day consistently. Lack of leads is the main reason why 95% in the network marketing industry fail.

So now you may be wondering what the best place to start building your USANA business online? The answer is, first you will need to get a attraction marketing system that will allow you to generate massive amounts of leads per day using the Internet. Second, you will also need to use the self funded proposal concept so that your business is able to fund itself without huge out-of-pocket expenses. Remember to keep in mind that if you can solve both problems that most marketers face which is lack of leads, and lack of money success in your home-based business will become inevitable.

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