The Consequences Of Applying Black Hat SEO Techniques To Improve Ranking

When the SEO web design of a web page is under creation, a choice is made to either have a clean site or one that utilizes black hat ways. Some people attempt to convince themselves that there are gray hat techniques, but they are only fooling themselves.

The advantage and idea of black hat techniques are to have your site instantly rise in the SERP’s rankings. This can be done in a number of avenues. The most common is to miss represent the content on your page to the search engine spiders. Keyword stuffing on your content pages is another highly frowned upon practice. This is done by either long lists of keywords or utilizing white text that only the spiders can see. Then there are doorway pages that attempt to fool the spiders that there is more content and pages than there actually is.

Many of these practices were very ordinary until too many website owners over used them and now there are penalties for applying them as part of your Search engine optimization package. The penalties can be as minor as your pages are reduced in ranking on the SERP’s. The worst case scenario is to be totally delisted by the search engines. There are times an apology to the search engine and removal of the offending material that your web page will be reinstated like what Google did for BMW in February of 2006. But for repeat offenders, permanent delisting has occurred.

The search engine spiders have been programmed to detect suspect sites. This has become a part of their algorithm that is used to rank the different sites. With over 200 different components, these algorithms are approximately unfeasible to fool for too long of a period. Some black hat techniques are so obvious that the delisting is automatic. Others are just suspect. In those cases a manual inspection of the site is used to determine if black hat ways are being deployed in a SEO web design.

There are some that say these ways are not illegal and are selling their proven methods to unsuspecting web owners. If you chose to take this route, then when the penalty is assessed, your web page for all practical purposes will be dead.

For those wishing to utilize white hat methods that take slightly longer to get results, but with zero chances of being delisted the SEO web design experts at Golden Way Media are ready and willing to assist you. These SEO experts have been fine tuning their expertise for over 12 years. They know the importance of setting up a page in accordance to techniques considered white hat SEO. Trondheim Norway is where this company is physically located on the map, but their web page is accessible around the world.

Black hat techniques will give your quick results, but the penalty is severe and permanent in most cases. The experts at Multilingual SEO use only do white hat SEO web design ways that will place your web page on top of the SERP’s with long term positive results.

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