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A highly appreciated aspect of internet marketing for making recursive flows of money time and time again from subscribers is by email marketing. The methods involved work to build trust with your subscribers, turning them into customers and putting you on the road to becoming an affiliate millionaire.

Building a list is obviously a great method for generating a large pay days so I thought I would touch on my top 5 benefits for doing so;

1. Building Relationships

The most important thing to consider is building a relationship with you subscribers. A great relationship with subscribers is the key to making sales. There is no better way to do so than by communication via frequent emails. You want to make your emails of great story and of value so to make your subscribers feel comfortable with you, so that over time they will buy your recommendations time and time again.

2. Conversion Boost

Just like walking into a shop to buy an item of value, people need to see it or look at it many times before they decide to buy it, especially if it is an item they are unsure about. The joy of having an email list is that you can use your emails to work on the psychological triggers that will slowly convert your prospects into buyers over a short period of time.

3. Zero Cost ‘Targeted’ Traffic

So once you have a list of prospecting buyers, by frequently emailing them you are benefiting in two ways. 1. Every time they click on your URL link, you are getting free traffic. 2. As they have already expressed an interest, the traffic is highly targeted.

4. Diverse Product Recommendations

Who says you have to recommend just one product to your list? You may be in a niche that offers many different products that offer solutions to problems in that niche. This is your opportunity email recommendations about different products, as not every subscriber will have the same interests in that niche or suffer the same problems.

5. Future Financial Freedom

Just like Andrew Fox (Affiliate Millionaire creator extraordinaire) who now has huge lists of subscribers, once you build and maintain a trusting relationship with subscribers over a few years, your whole marketing plan can change so that you only need to focus on this aspect of your business to make a very healthy living.

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It doesn’t take a fool to realise that building a subscriber list can really pay dividends. If you can get the mix right and build your subscriber base with a long standing trust, that relationship will in the end allow you to profit very nicely without much effort at all.

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