5 TOP SEO Events In My Life

5 TOP SEO events in my life.
I’ve just been asked to tell about the main events that have affected my Internet activity. I can’t help telling you about it right now.

It goes without saying that I’ll start with the first SEO event in my life. So approximately 2 years ago I began to study web design. To be more precise I can tell you that I was mostly busy with studying Photoshop. With this rather miserable background I made up my mind to make my first mock – up site. I decided to make this website together with my classmate. He was responsible and I had to de3al with the rest stuff.

Secondly I started to learn CSS in order to know more about all of this. So normally I didn’t learn layout although I had an excellent book. I didn’t want to read it and correspondently practice it. To my great regret I should confess that I’m rather a lazy personality. It’s very difficult for me to cope with this drawback of mine.

Thirdly, the domain was purchased in advance. I had to run from hosting to hosting 4 times until I found something normal. For this period I learnt how to establish personal contacts with people. In general I can say that it was a relatively difficult period for my electronic commerce.

I’ve just approached to the fourth point. As you know the engine of that site was made by pal who appeared to be a great person and programmer who loved his job more than everything in the world. But I wanted to do everything including every single detail by myself. I accidentally stumbled on the website Wordpress. Then I studied the engine and made my first site using that code of that site mentioned above. In that case I managed to promote my website. From my point of view that was a relatively good promotion. The content was of rather entertaining kind. So at that time I managed to acquire some necessary skills concerning building websites.

I’ve finally come up to the last item. My first money online I earned with the help of the project, closely connected with classmates. In fact I managed to earn a ridiculous sum of about 100 bucks at that time.

Now it’s high time to make certain conclusion taking into account all of that mentioned above. What did I obtain after a year of my hard work? To say honestly I met very few objectives. For that year I managed to create two websites with a total attendance of about 6 000. This blog has been recently launched by me. But it’s not all of course. The main thing is that I received a lot of experience and knowledge which couldn’t be obtained from books.

Finally you have a decision to make serious money in the internet – congrats. But it’s too early to open champagne, because now you need practical ways to make money online and what strategy will help you.

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