Are You A Looser In Electronic Commerce?

I’d like to face the question of making money online from rather an extraordinary angle. Yes, I’m going to talk about your psychological readiness to such a complicated thing as running your own business online. It’s because the “operation system” of your brain is very important in this case. Do you know that people can be programmed on poverty or wealth? Of course it’s not pleasant but I have to enumerate typical features which losers posses. If you have several ones among those mentioned below then you should work on yourself persistently and only after having succeeded with this you’ll be able to make a profitable commercial website or try other kinds of earning online. So I’m going to start right now.

First of all losers tend to feel sorry for themselves. They always feel mercy for themselves. All the losers tend to find a justification for their poverty, blaming somebody else, such as neighbors, government, the entire world and so on. Very often they feel sorry for the fact that they weren’t born in another more prosperous country. They think that other nationalities are superior in money making. They might even be dissatisfied with their sex, thinking that representatives of the opposite one have more opportunities. And of course they cry that their parents weren’t millionaires. It’s clear that such thoughts can’t be favorable for money making. In such a way people push themselves to the edge and a deep abyss is there below.

Life is hard…. If I had a million, I would have immediately solved all my problems … Everywhere I can see criminals, corruption and certainly bloodthirsty rivals. … It’s their typical way of thinking.

By the way most of losers are very greedy, they always save money and they are crazy with discounts. They often measure success with wealth money. When I have money, I will have everything. They often think like this. But in practice it turns out that happiness does not depend on thousands and millions of dollars. For example I know many people who haven’t goy high salaries but they are happy with their hobbies. By the way losers like to compare themselves with everybody.

Losers often try to earn money online using such worthless things paid clicking, viewing mail, online casinos and so on. They really think that it’s possible to earn in such a way. And of course they are crazy about instant profits. They want to get money in a few seconds without applying necessary efforts. To my great regret the World Wide Web is full of people with such a special outlook. There’s no wonder that they won’t become successful owners of online business. I hope you’ll identify what you need to change in yourself before getting involved in making money online.

Ok, you made up your mind to make some cash in the internet – congratulations. But it’s too early to open champagne, because now you need effective ways to make money online and what method will match you perfectly.

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