Find Out More About Building A Residual Salary By Growing Your Own List

There is one amazing fact that internet marketers haven’t gotten a hold of which is the “one and only” most important thing in creating a residual online income. Surprisingly, we have all heard about it – “The List”.

People join list builders everyday and yet they just end up on someones list who is making a buck load of money out of their subscriptions and not helping them build one of their own. Let’s face it, even big corporations like Wal-Mart and AT&T depend on a list and almost everyone is on it that’s why we receive all the junk mail with specials and promotions on them.

These corporations have from way back found a way to depend on repeat business and build an alliance of loyal customers who help them grow their businesses and ultimately, their income. Now, from this example, you realize that in order for any of us to succeed in any business, we will need a pool of people we can contact whenever we need to.

Marketing Manager can be very challenging when approached as a way of recruiting. It’s comes out as corny and a way of sucking a buck out of the other person without really giving them the value or benefit of why they should be on your list. The best list building practice it to show someone how they can accomplish building a list of their own and giving them an opportunity to build a residual income/salary while they grow their list.You can achieve that with this program (Residual Income)

Like the chain letter concept introduced about 20 years ago, an individual can build a huge contact list and also build up a residual income from minimal payments without taking advantage of the loyalty of contacts. Now, this is a dependable list you can market to over and over again for the lifetime of your list.

Folks, this is the best way to build a list and you will only succeed online by having your own list. A software called List-Zilla( online Marketing ) can help you accomplish that and also offer you a marketing manager that you can use to set up mailings to your contacts and auto-responders for efficient communication with them. Building a relationship with your list of contacts is paramount to growing and keeping a loyal clientele.

That’s where the Residual Income/Salary part comes in. As long as these people stay on your list, you will get a small commission from their subscription to the system and better yet, you have the opportunity to market any product and/or opportunity that you feel will be beneficial to you and them. “Now that’s the winner”, having a ready market of people who know you and have a relationship with you, which gives you a great chance on a sale. That’s what true online success is all about.

Every so called guru has harnessed the power in a list. You hear of Pre-Launches and Launches, they are all based on building a list of contacts that they can sell to over and over again. Others have found ways to co-op with their fellow gurus and share their lists. They Net millions of dollars in a matter of hours after a program is launched because they already have someone with a credit card waiting for the sale. Now, that’s what I call smart marketing.

So, don’t fall for the idea that anyone can make money online as long as you follow a system. If you haven’t built a list or learned how to build one, you will almost always fall in the 97% of internet market who fail and never make money. Remember, its not the product or the company, “The Money Is In The List”.

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