Let’s Increase Traffic To Your Blog.

I’d like to continue my previous topic closely connected with promotion of your blog. I’d like to go on with this theme right now but without search promotion such as SMO, SMM. I’d like to share with my knowledge right now. I really want to help you right now. From my point of view bloggers should help each other, forming a so – called virtual fellowship.

So you can use different thematic forums which you can find on the net by yourself. It’s one of the most popular and effective methods of promoting your blog I should say. I advise you to use it more often. I don’t doubt that you are sitting on forums from morning till night. If a discussion is devoted to the topic of your blog then you can comment on and finally insert a link to the post. You can create a thread in the forum and copy the article. But certainly before doing this you should get acquainted with corresponding rules of the forum. I think you don’t want to be banned suddenly at the time you don’t expect it. Inexperienced money makers often ignore the necessity to read rules to my great regret. You can also insert the link to the signature of the best posts of the blog. But certainly this requires some practice of virtual communication. In fact you should visualize consequences of your further actions. Perhaps somebody won’t be pleased with your attempts to advertise your blog to put it mildly. And of course do not forget about the blog sphere Digest.

Then let’s view another point. What about social network for bloggers? From my point of view it would hardly rational thing to ignore this promising opportunity. As you know for the last time these networks have become widely spread. Perhaps you are a real member of one of those social networks but you’ve simply forgotten about this fact. I advise you to use this wisely. Think properly before writing your advertising posts there. Otherwise your blog is going to be promoted “in the opposite direction

Besides this you can also use different communities of live journals. There will be more than just a blog of seo – community. Do not simply insert a link to the blog. I advise you to spread useful articles, with reference to the source, or in other words your blog.

By the way don’t forget about thematic blogs. The matter is that comments on other people’s blogs are especially useful at the initial stage. Traffic is not much, but it’s qualitative. It seems to me that I’ve just said everything required to you. So it’s up to you to start using it wisely. The main thing is that you should be creative and quick =witted as well as industrious.

So you decided to make some cash online – congratulations. But it’s too early to drink champagne, because now you should learn effective ways to make money online and what method will help you.

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