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Looking for your revenue on the net.
This post I’ve just written for those guys who want to start earning on the Internet. Certainly they dream about this but they don’t know what to do. The matter is that the stream of consciousness can take a long time. Furthermore you can be confused by the variety of available methods of earning online. So you’d better listen to me in this case.

By the way you know that currently people grow up faster. For instance when being 14 – 17 years old I couldn’t dream about such things as making money online. But now guys are able to start making money even in 12 years. So let imagine how an average school boy.

I think that schoolboys and schoolgirls can make a lot of fun by clicking on banners, viewing e-mail, participating in paid surveys. But as for me it would be more rational to spend time on learning serious things closely connected with electronic commerce. By the way teenagers have tons of free time, so they can devote a great number of hours to study HTML, PHP, Java, SEO, promotion and other useful things. I really envy teenagers because they have a lot of time to be spent on anything they want. Certainly adults can’t afford this in most cases especially if they have to work on several jobs.

So if you are a teenager then you can try earning on file exchangers. This method does not require mental efforts. All you need is to upload interesting files on file exchangers and wait for your revenue. For every download of you files you’ll get paid a certain sum. In fact you won’t earn more than $ 100 or so per month in such a way, but at the same time this income is much bigger than clicking banners.

If a particular person spends much time at home than he’s able to get involved in freelance. It’s really possible if this person is a good specialist in a particular area. For example he can translate texts from foreign languages. He can make rewrites or original articles. You can even write posts on Internet forums for free. In fact the list of all possible variants in this case is really enormous I should say. If you are eager to know details then you should type in “freelance” in the search engine. In this case you can earn quite decent.

Another way is to create a blog and start earning in such a way. In this case you’ll approach to creating websites because it’s very similar indeed. To cut a long story short I can say that a blog is a simplified website specially designed for commenting articles. In most cases it’s run on a ready made engine. If you have a targeted audience then you’ll be able to earn relatively good sums. As for commercial websites it’s certainly more difficult but more beneficial. To succeed with this you need to start learning many things closely connected with web programming.

Finally you have a decision to make serious money in the net – congrats. But it is too early to drink champagne, because now you should learn practical ways to make money online and what strategy gonna work for you.

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