Micro Blogging As A Legitimate Promotional Tactic

Micro blogging is a relatively new phenomenon and in 2008 in particular, it has really taken off in a big way. You know what traditional blogging is – you write regular posts about your niche. Micro blogging is similar except that the ‘posts’ you write are tiny – usually no bigger than what you could fit into a mobile phone text message, hence the name ‘micro’.

When micro blogging first started to emerge there were many contenders but one seemed to stick out above the rest – Twitter. Over the last few years Twitter has become by far the clear leader in
the field. Although there are others with more features, such as Plurk, Twitter is the one that everybody is using and what this means is that you will get more followers on Twitter than any other

The terminology is different, but micro blogging really is quite similar to regular blogging. You can go to somebody’s profile and see their updates which are equivalent to blog posts though typically people tend to update many times throughout the day as it takes mere seconds rather than hours.

There are many benefits to Twitter but I’ll discuss it here in terms of the marketing aspect of blogging:

1) Traffic

You can embed URL’s in your tweets (the Twitter version of updates) which means that you can link to your latest blog posts for example. If your followers like the sound of that they’ll click your link which is traffic for you. This traffic is of course entirely dependent on the size of your following and I find that I get a few hundred Twitter visitors a month which is not much. However, Twitter traffic is highly targeted.

2) Builds Trust & Authenticity

For me I think the biggest benefit is that Twitter makes you a little more human. You can tweet about anything and although it can be somewhat mundane to be tweeting about what you had for dinner, I’ll often tweet in a more personal way than I would post on my blog.

3) Networking

In a similar way as you follow other people, over time you feel like you are getting to know them too. Twitter allows you to send a message directly to another user.

Twitter is pretty useless if you don’t have followers but these days it’s much easier and faster to build up a Twitter following than when it was when it was first released.

One of the easiest way to get Twitter followers is to start following other people. For some reason there has always been a kind of “if you follow me, I’ll follow you back” mentality with Twitter.

Now, personally, I do not advocate following everybody who follows you because it can soon become unmanageable but you can use the tactic to grow your own following. Now what you need to do here is find people to follow who will be interested in your tweets – you don’t want to just follow a bunch of random strangers.

As you can see, Twitter can be very useful as a marketing and blogging instrument. The key is that you have to use ti correctly.

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