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Reasons of the weak self – discipline in electronic commerce.
I’m constantly asked questions about reasons of the weak self – discipline.
Why can not I do what I want? Why do I constantly distract? I can not concentrate at all. My self discipline is very unstable and so on.

I think that all of this mentioned above is considered to be your headache. If I’m wrong then I can congratulate you that you are the happiest human personality in the world. In fact people with a developed self – discipline can only be successful and they can’t be losers from my point of view. Certainly the question of self – discipline in electronic commerce is very essential. It goes without saying that it’s impossible to make money online if you can’t organize your working day in the right way. I’d like to introduce 5 basic causes of poor self – discipline.

The first reason can be introduced as “I do not know what I want in life”. This is one of the main problems with self – discipline. Once you get into your soul and understand yourself, your desires then you will be able to start moving towards your goals effectively. You’ll stop being lazy and put off things for later. If you like what you do then you will want to do it again and again and even for free.
For example you can think about any of your hobbies. In this case you do not use techniques of self – discipline, when skiing or snowboarding for instance. You just take all you need and go to the mountains. Am I right in this case? So you should do what you like and in this case you’ll gain success. For example many people create blogs devoted to their hobby. Then they place contextual advertising there and start earning money

The second reason is the lack of planning and certainly your disorganization.
If you do not have clear plans for each day, week, month and year then you can’t move forward. Planning helps you to become more organized and efficient.

Perhaps you can’t determine primary and secondary tasks. Unfortunately many people do not know how to determine which tasks should be done now and what later. This is not only the division of tasks in “important” and “unimportant” ones but it’s also understanding what leads you to the goals and what can be ignored.

I think that you respond to external signals too often. You are distracted by your colleagues, incoming calls, messages and so on. In order to return later in the working rhythm, you spend about 15 minutes. Such a “ragged” schedule can not be effective, it consumes too much of your energy and attention. So you should also do your best to cope with this drawback of yours. Exclude these shortcoming and you’ll be effective.

Ok, you made up your mind to make serious money in the internet – congratulations. But it is too early to open champagne, because now you should know effective ways to make money online and what method gonna work for you.

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