Right, You’ve Started Your Home Based Business, How Do You Stay Focused?

Once you have began your home based business, what you will then find is the down side of working from home.
You will realize that there are countless numbers of distractions that will slowly eat away at your time, your energy and of course your focus.
These distractions will include: your own children, your family, friends, neighbours, the mail delivery, household chores, TV, take dog for a walk or other pets, you see where this list is going, it could be almost endless.

Right from the start you must remember that the purpose of starting the home based business is to bring your profession home. What was your original reason for starting the home business in the first place? was it to spend more time with your family (young or old), or to break away from a J.O.B., or simply to work when you found it convenient, or simply to make a ton of money for you and your family.
This again is an almost endless list, so here are a few tips that might just help you stay focused on your home business:

Tip 1
Whatever your reason is for starting your home based business enterprise, you MUST keep this to the front of your mind. As soon as you forget your reasons for stating your Home Business Enterprise, you will probably not be in business for long. It will become far to easy to let all the distractions stop you from concentrating your focus and idea’s from where needed. Once this happens, the business will almost certainly crash and burn. Much the same as a car would do if you left the driver seat whilst running.

Tip 2
Always remember, this may be your business, but it is still your job, the purpose is to make money, the difference to your regular job, is that your salary is directly related to the work and effort you put into it.
Given this, would it not be a good idea to stay focused on the task in hand?

Tip 3
When you are dealing with young children in the course of your working day, it becomes very important to schedule activities as much as possible. Try to dedicate as a specific amount of time as you can to your workday.
With older children, it is much easier to let them know you are working between x hour and y hour, and you must not be disturbed if at all possible.

Tip 4
you must not let friends and family run over you, as many people think that if you are at home you can not actually be working.
They may be full of advice for you how to get a proper job”, just be round to socialize or worse still the old “can you watch my kids while I nip into town”, now unless you are charging (and licensed) to run a crèche, this is a definite NO.
You will have to stand firm on this, your friends and family must understand that you are indeed working from home, and that you can (and will) only socialize during “non work times”. The rest of the time, you are working and cannot be disturbed.
Hopefully your family and true friends will realize this, and appreciate your dedication to your home business, this in turn will give them the same respect for your home business that you yourself has for it.

Tip 5
You should allocate a certain amount of time to email and normal mail each day, do not fall into the trap of trying to keep up with email especially, allocate say 1 hour in the morning and the same on the afternoon for mail response tasks.
Unless you stick to this policy, you will find considerable “time creep” and you productivity will really suffer as you slide down this slippery slope of vastly decreased productivity.

Tip 6
At some stage, you will find yourself getting “bogged down” with what you will term non productive activities, this will be different for all of us, some may find they are spending too much time with the bookkeeping, others may find they spend too much time making a website, this is the time to outsource.
When this starts to creep into your business, you feel you are spending too long doing, say the book keeping, it’s time to hire a book keeper, you can then spend your time doing the productive stuff such as writing add copy or setting up advertising.
Again these stages will be different for all of us, only you will know when they start to make a difference, or even when the business can sustain the extra costs involved.

The point of all these tips, is that your Home Business Enterprise is totally reliant on YOU and the decisions you make.

You had your own reasons for deciding to start your home based business. Always keep these reasons to the front of your mind, make a notice to put above your desk to remind you, or any type of reminder you think you need.
You need to rely on your own self and dedication to ensure your business is a success.

Friends and family might be mildly annoyed that they cannot call or drop in whenever they want, but when success comes to your home based business, they will appreciate you more for your dedication and asserting yourself when it was required.

Remember success is within your reach, but only if you stay focused on your realistic goals. you must also ally the necessary discipline when it is needed.

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