Starting An Online Business – 5 Secrets To Guarantee Success

starting an online business is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Ultimately, how you promote your business, is paramount to your success, because the formula that guaranteed sales 5 or 10 years ago is no longer relevant. Marketing your business today, calls for a totally different strategy. This is all the more confusing in today’s climate as there is so much outdated information still out there on the net which continues to be re-hashed and sold or represented as the current and best way to do things.

However if you employ the following fundamentals, you will build a foundation to your business, which will see it grow from strength to strength and ensure your future prosperity.

Choose the niche before the product –It’s important to choose a sector where there are already plenty of interested buyers. Find the market, and then pick the product to service the demand, whether it’s your own product or someone else’s. Don’t try to be too unique. You don’t have to be the next big thing. You can earn a remarkable income from selling other people’s products to a hungry crowd.

Build a list – These days, just sending traffic to a sales page doesn’t work. Instead use a squeeze page (a simple one page website), to get website visitors to subscribe to your list. By giving away a free gift at your squeeze page, in return for their contact details, you will build a database of targeted customers, who you can sell to again and again.

Over deliver – Once you have a seed list of interested and loyal subscribers nurture a relationship with them, based on trust and respect. Provide information of real quality, perhaps through a weekly newsletter. Give plenty of unadvertised free bonuses and provide value. Watch your list grow!

Automate – Use the power of auto-responders in your business to maintain and manage your list. Using a good auto-responder will ensure your subscribers become valued customers. Your business will be on autopilot and you’ll be making sales while you sleep.

Utilize Free Marketing – Any new online business will have some start up costs, so it’s important to utilize as much free marketing as possible. Article marketing, forum marketing, social media are just a few of the techniques you can use to bring you the right customers, but there are many more.

To start an online business, the first thing you will need, is to create a simple one page website (the squeeze page described earlier). ‘Create your first website by 3:45 this afternoon’ is a free eBook which will help you do just this. You can grab your copy by clicking on the highlighted link above.

97% of people, who start online, fail. Click on any of the highlighted links above to learn more about the marketing strategies, you will need to become one of the successful 3%.

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