USANA Business Reviewed – Here’s The Facts

It would be easy to give a bad rating on just about every MLM company, if you just look at all of the complaint sites. Everyone has an opinion and most of the bad comments about any company are derived from someone who has failed. Are their failures always their fault? That is an interesting question, but in the MLM industry, in most cases the answer is yes. If you make a good choice in company and products, your success becomes totally on your shoulders. This USANA business review will explain why this company appears to be a good choice.

USANA is a successful MLM that was started back in 1992 by a Dr. Myron Wentz. First note of consideration is that this company has a track record. What that should mean to you is that USANA has likely been put through the paces. It means that any legal problems have likely been addressed and all corresponding agencies have given them a thumbs up. This is a good thing!

The most successful Network Marketing companies sell consumable products. This has a built in reorder potential which is great for you, as a distributor. USANA has three product categories and they are all consumables. This opens up a greater market segment for penetration. With personal care, diet and nutrition products, your opportunity for marketing is quite strong. There are over 90 million baby boomers whom are fighting off getting old, and these products offer you a sizable market.

If you have done any research, you have found that MLM companies that sell consumable products have a longer life expectancy than companies selling other types of products. This will bode well for the retail side of your business and if you are smart you will learn how to motivate those retail customers to become distributors. The benefit here will be explained later in the article.

With any MLM company the simpler the compensation plan, the better. The hot plan right now is a binary. This means that as you build one side of the matrix, the people above you will spill others over into the other side. This is motivation for you to constantly be adding new distributors. Because it is easier to convert your happy retail customers to become distributors, this is an area you should learn.

The biggest difference maker in the MLM industry is marketing. The better you become at promoting your business, the more success you will have. The more you can expose the opportunity to buy good products and show a strong business plan, the more quickly you will build a strong organization. This applies to all MLM companies, and with the USANA business having a good reputation, this should not be a tough task. Just learn as much as you are able in regards to marketing.

USANA seems intent on helping you grow. This is also very important. You can find companies and individuals that will happily tell you all you need to do to be a success. The challenge is finding a company or upline member that will teach how to do it. That may sound like semantics, but it is the truth. So seek out someone that you are comfortable with and if they are willing to teach you, listen and learn.

For the best success, regardless of company, your efforts must focus on marketing. The more proficient you become, the more success you will attain. The better you become at training others to replicate what you do, the more success you have. USANA seems to be a solid choice. With solid products, good reputation and a rewarding compensation plan, you should feel confident that this is an opportunity to consider.

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