What Have You Done To Build Your Amount Of Backlinks Today ?

If you own a home based business I am sure you have heard how building backlinks to your website is a very important part of the business. It is such a major aspect of marketing on the Internet that many people spend their entire day doing nothing but finding ways to grow the amount of links pointing to their site.

So the question is “What Have You Done To Increase Your Number Of Backlinks Today ? “

Many new Internet marketers become overwhelmed once they realize the shear the amount of links they will need to move their website up to the top of the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, many simply give up after only a few weeks thinking it is impossible to build substantial amount of links to their site.

First of all do not think of the total number of backlinks you need. Think of your linking building as a daily part of your business that will grow over time.

Secondly do not try to build them all at once. You will most likely become burned out and then stop altogether . It is much better to slowly grow your backlinks over time.

There are several well documented methods of building the number of links to your site and ideally you should use as many as possible. Time is the major factor, most people who start a Internet home business already have a day job and after a long day at work do not want to spend several more hours on the computer building links their website.

If you are one of these people then forum marketing is how you should be spending what little time you have to promote your Internet home business. Visiting one or two forums a day and posting a few comments or questions with a signature link to your website will start to pay off in a short amount of time. You should do this everyday. Even if you only spend thirty minutes a day you will gain links

Article marketing is the by far the most recognized method of link building. This also can be very time consuming but the rewards are well worth it. The best method for those short on time, write several short articles at one time and then over the course of a week or two submit them individually to as many article directories as possible.

Submitting articles to each directory only takes a few minutes each and this should be done several times each week. There are many sites that for a fee will do this for you but if money is a issue then I suggest submitting them manually.

The key is to do something everyday, even if only for a few minutes. Find a comfortable daily routine and stick with it. Your Internet home business will grow with every link you build.

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