Five Main Principles For Carrying Out Of A Successful Advertising Campaign.

Council 1. Use only “target” inquiries.

The person, who has entered inquiry of “paint” into search system, could mean “water colour paints”, “paint group”, “automobile paints” or “hair-dyes”.

It is one of examples of not target inquiry. The inquiry of “paint” approaches for too big circle of people. And it means that the announcement will be shown both target, and to users whom your offer is absolutely indifferent. Thereof, the effect from the announcement goes down.

The more low efficiency of the announcement, the more low it will be in the list of all other announcements. If efficiency has reached a minimum the announcement removes from displays. That such has not occurred to you; carefully choose inquiries on which your site will be advertised. It is desirable, that the announcement was shown only to “target group”.

Council 2. Do the announcement short.

Despite that contextual announcements are limited on symbols, will be allocated from them all the same the shortest. However, do not deprive the sense of the announcement, doing its short. You should describe all essence of the offer with one, two phrases.

Council 3. Use in the announcement keywords.

Keywords, which will be in the announcement, should be allocated with “extra bold”. It will draw attention to your text at once. Besides, the person always pays attention to the text on which he/she conducted search.

It is desirable to use keywords, both in heading, and in the text of the announcement. It will always work better if you do not use keywords in the text in general.

Council 4. To each word should be the separate announcement.

Proceeding from the previous council, you should allocate the separate announcement for each word. Thus, you cannot only create the suitable text for each inquiry, but also can check up in practice efficiency of those or other words. And it is very valuable experience.

Council 5. The reference from the announcement should bring visitor on relevant page.

Imagine that you need camera Canon of certain model. You have prospected, and have found the announcement advertising of this model. But when you have clicked the link in heading have got not on page with the description and the prices, and on “main” page of huge Internet shop trading with different electronics.

In this case you should spend a heap of time in search of page with the description of that model you need. The majority of people not begin even to try, and will simply leave on other site. For this reason the reference from your announcement should conduct not on the main page, and on page with the description of what you offered in the announcement. Certainly, it can be the main page sometimes.

The main secret: constantly test the announcements.

It means that if you wish to achieve results you should move from the theory to practice as soon as possible. You should work constantly over the announcements, change them, and watch, how it is reflected in results.

Only in such way people become professionals in this area. Only thanks to constant practice, testing and supervision, they receive invaluable experience, which cannot be received in any book on promotion.

Wish you good luck!

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Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the discussion. All this will help you to create a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.

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