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Over the last few years, blogging has moved beyond it’s humble beginnings of providing a platform personal online journals and has developed into a sophisticated marketing tool. People have discovered that a good blog, properly monetised, can become quite lucrative when it becomes popular and is getting a good amount of visitors. Many people now make money from autoblogging. What is this and how does it work?

Most regular blogs only ever receive moderate traffic at best and income from them can be fairly low. $1 a day from a mature blog from advertisement revenue is about typical. Sounds a little dismal? But , if that holds true, what if you had 100 such blogs? What if you had 1000? then you are starting to earn very good money indeed.

This would seem an impossible task. Blogs, after all, by their very nature are entities that need a constant flow of content to keep them fresh. They need to be growing and evolving for visitors to return and to pass the word on to others. Content needs to be written and posted regularly so how could anyone have the time to properly manage more than a handful of blogs?

The answer to that dilemma comes in the form of a small orange icon which appears on most websites but which you may well have overlooked completely. The icon I am referring to is the symbol for a the sites RSS feed. There are RSS feeds on this site where you are reading this. RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and allows webmasters and blog publishers the facility of syndicating their work by way of ‘feeds’ – a standardised format. Bear with me here, I promise not to get technical.

RSS feeds allow readers to ’subscribe’ to favoured websites and keep up to date with new posts and – more importantly for bloggers – allows content from different websites to be aggregated in one place.

With the proper software, you can have a blog which takes syndicated content from a variety of relevant sources across the net and publishes those posts (giving a link to the original post) on your blog. This has become known as ‘Autoblogging’. Properly set up, these blogs can be set on auto-pilot for most of the time, gaining content and visitors and subsequent income, without a great deal of management. It then becomes quite feasible to start a new blog every day, for example. Over a year that would be over 350 blogs. Some will make nmore than others but even if they only return an average of $0.10 per day per blog, that is a very nice extra $12,500+ a year passive income.

The key is to become good at finding profitable niche markets and the ability to set up a blog quickly and easily. With both Blogger and Wordpress it is very simple to get a blog up and running in less than 30 minutes after a little practice.

The other important aspect to a project such as this is using the best software to provide the best results. There are free plug ins for Wordpress available which are RSS parsing tools but all lack the ability to really set a blog on auto pilot. They will tend to bring with the feed adverts and scripts from the original post and obviously this is not desirable. So, if you want to do this properly, then you will need to invest in a professional autoblogging program. This would be a one off payment of typically $150 or less but that would be recouped many times over in the long run when you start to make money autoblogging.

I have recently set up a blog about blogging which works 100% using an Autoblogging software program called ABS. This is the most powerful software on the market for this job. It not only collects the full text (with images) of the rss feed but will also make the content original if you wish and will also grab articles from your hard drive (PLR articles for example) and schedule thois amongst the feed posts too. Thake a look by clicking this link text: Make money Autoblogging

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