The Difference Between Home And Office Work

When my husband some years ago devoted me about his desire to work in a remote mode, delight it at me, to tell the truth, has not caused. For him, the person who is enough closed (what not a rarity for workers of IT sphere) such full isolation from a society, in my opinion, was harmful. At me were and purely not to admit the mercantile interests the similar.

First, I should prepare much more food and more often, and to receive a significant amount of dirty ware in the evening. Secondly, to expel reliably worker in shop or on public affairs in general it would be unreal. And thirdly, work would not come to an end at six or seven o’clock in the evening, and would proceed 24 hours a day. And at night he would work and slept off in the afternoon, as our acquaintance freelancers does. In any case, it would not affect positively our private life.

When not so long ago already I have expressed desire to work in-home at what even with assurances about a tasty and various food, performance of all public duties and absence of requirement for new expensive things, the husband my choice also has not approved. To our personal relations my life of the creator-hermit could do much harm.

And I have thought: and, maybe, the basic question consists not in where you work at office or at home, and in differentiation of private life, personal space and work. In definition of that ideal is balance between process of an earning of means of living and the life. And here it is difficult to tell, where this balance is easier for observing: working in the conditions of office or house conditions. Certainly, the decision of this question is for everyone especially individual, as well as concept of freedom.

Last years experts in the personnel all over the world face the same tendency: for the modern worker there is especially important a question of division of working hours and private life. Last researches have shown that 85 % of potential candidates more value the private life and do not wish to endow family well-being neither for the sake of high posts nor for the sake of transcendental salaries. But whether employers are ready to it?

An interest of the employer and the worker is opposite. The employer is interested in result of work; he is interested in workaholics and fans with a low self-estimation, except that, any employer tries to supervise discipline and to limit all displays of private life of the employee of the company in working hours.

Actually to find a golden mean between private life and work happens difficultly. Also has put here not in forms and modes of work, and it is more in private world of the person, in its system of values. But I the convinced supporter of that personal, individual, internal human life am more important than the professional purposes and tasks.

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