What Is Free-lance?

In modern rate of development of the market of employment and employment there are qualitatively new types of interactions of the employer and the competitor. «Free-lance» is promptly developing kind of working process of the remote employee which basic advantage is independence of the concrete employer and limitlessness of incomes.

The term «free-lance» has arisen at the time of the middle Ages in France. The freelancers were named the hired soldiers who temporarily drew military duty on a commercial basis. In today’s understanding «free-lance» it is a certain kind of employment, style of earnings and mutual relations with the employer. The main feature of freelancers is that all working process, beginning from search of the employer and orders and finishing the form and way of a payment of the remote worker, in most cases, occurs in the Internet environment.

Development of the market of an information technology, constant occurrence of new optimizing systems of work of employees of offices became additional stimulus to origin of new types of interactions of workers and employers.

In the modern market of employment despite that the phenomenon of remote work all becomes more popular; legislatively it in any way is not allocated as a special kind of employment. Legal definition for the phenomenon freelance is not present as there is no special kind of contracts.

Today more and more representatives of different trades choose «free-lance» as an employment kind. The most widespread are: actors, lawyers, psychologists, business advisers, trading agents, realtors, photographers, journalists, designers and many other proffesions.

Incontestable pluses of employment of such kind are:

Absence of a labor daily routine

Work possibility in comfortable house conditions

Absence of necessity to adhere to corporate rules of the certain employer

Limitlessness of incomes

More often workers out of office are those people who work inseparably linked with the computer or mobile. The most widespread trades are: programmers, designers, translators, journalists, copywriters and press photographers.

It is possible to assume safely that in the long term, at high rates of development of the labor and technological markets, the urgency of such kind of employment as «free-lance» will only increase.

Freelance is a new kind, a particular treatment of work which has arisen in the modern market of employment. Freelancer is the remote employee, the basic which characteristic of work is absence of necessity of constant presence at office. Advisers, translators, the journalists, writing editors, photographers and artists were the first «free workers». Freelancer is the employee who has no constant and formal employer.

To occurrence of freelance working as employment kind have promoted the set of factors: the Internet which has given qualitatively new possibilities of communication became most significant of them. As a result of its fast development there were new “technological” experts: web designers, programmers, copywriters. The great demand on the listed trades has been caused by development of technologies and a wide circulation the Internet.

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