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From Idea To The Start Of The Project.

To start the new project are necessary two things: initial idea and decision-making about initiation of the project. Occurrence of ideas – a thing intimate and irrational, makes a philosophy and psychology subject. Creation of the creative conditions stimulating enthusiasm and occurrence of fresh ideas – a separate big theme. Let’s consider decision-making on start [...]

The Correct Project: Start, Developing, End.

Main principles of making short projects. As an example of short projects on working out of software it is possible to result site working out, small information systems for own needs, the first versions of programs for external consumers, working out of shareware and so on. Such short project usually differs from long and big [...]

Learning To Write Promotional Posts.

About 7-8 months ago I thought that paid positions could only be bad. It seemed to me that I was surrounded by corrupt pigs making dirty tricks with their search rating. But now I understand that I was wrong. That was my huge mistake indeed. Now I’m interested in anything closely connected with paid positions, [...]

Creating Pages For Your Advertisers.

If you want to earn big money online then I advise you to spend time on creating effective pages for your advertisers. Hurry up to get acquainted my tips concerning this matter here below. So it is desirable for you to tell a particular advertiser what people visit your blog. It goes without saying that [...]

Believe Into Success Of Your Project!

At growth of volume of projects and quantities of used human resources management of them becomes more and more similar to a difficult engineering problem (which in itself by degrees becomes the project of higher level). For management of the big projects are necessary the knowledge of a general theory, detailed business procedures, powerful software [...]

Rules, Which Are Useful For Knowing To The Manager.

1. There are no technical problems. Happen only human, that is organizational. 2. The technical slang means nothing. Programmers use rather developed technical slang, including at meetings and in reports. It is known that any slang serves a cognizance of the complication of strangers. The slang of programmers – not an exception, and for the [...]

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