Learn How To Pick Up The High Converting Keywords.

Every webmaster needs to receive a lot of free and targeted traffic to his site in order to make more sales and make quick money online. It is normal that most of the inernet marketers are looking for the high search queries in the specific niche as it will generate more visitors to the site. Very often we make a common mistake by trying to rank our site for such high level terms like “books”, “make money”, ”Business” depending on the niche of our money making internet business.

And on the one hand it is correct because such keywords are the most popular and get millions of the searches in a month. So if you are selling the cooking books for example, high ranking for the term “books” will guarantee you a lot of visitors. That’s true, but on the other hand you risk receiving untargeted traffic from such general terms. Are those users who search for the word “books” looking for buying the cooking books only? How many of all people searching for the word “books” are looking for the cooking books? I am not sure that the percentage of the targeted visitors will be high.

The conversion rate of one-word queries is very low because they are general and don’t reveal the searcher’s intent, thus it is better to focus your attention on the longer terms. Those visitors who search for the one-term words as “books” are looking for the general information and such traffic is untargeted.

So instead of spending much time and efforts on trying to rank your site high for the general and non-specific queries with high competition, it is better to work on receiving traffic from more valuable keywords. The keywords themselves show what a user has in mind. The ready to buy users search for “buy a cooking book” or “books for cooking fish” or something more exact than just “books”. Probably you will get less traffic from such queries, but you will spend less time to rank your site high for them and the conversion rate of such traffic will be much higher. Optimizing your site for the more precise terms in your niche that show the searchers’ intention will guarantee you quality traffic and more sales.

In most cases the longer is the tail of the keywords, the more targeted is the intent of the searcher. Start optimizing your site and rank it for the long-term terms that show the intention of the searcher. Such queries usually don’t have much competition. This approach it will let you spend less time and efforts on your internet marketing and at the same time will help you make money working online.

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