The Best Blogging Tools

In my view, there is merely one truly remarkable piece of blogging software on the internet. But it is not always the best for all people, there are sometimes alternatives whilst not the best for the masses, are better for distinct niches?

So what attributes make up the best blogging platform on the market? I believe that it has to:

* Be free to use – there are so many paid for blogging tools around, why pay for programs?

* Be flexible and extendible – if you want to add a feature to it, such as website maps, captcha checked contact forms, this must be straightforward to do.

* Be straightforward to set-up and install.

* Be straightforward to make it look different to other websites – there is no point in running a professional site that looks like 3,000,000 other blogs.

* Have ready made (and free) off-the-shelf styles readily available to install at the touch of a button.

* Be well search engine optimised and accepted by the search engines.

* Ideally, it should have a community of other bloggers that could also drift more than to your new website from related sites.

Well, in my view ticks all but the last of the above boxes. There is only that last box left unticked. In fact, if you look into, that does have the community of bloggers in the version of WordPress that it hosts, but there is not the flexibility and if you are running schemes for instance paid posting, you are not allowed to run a site there.

WordPress is also straightforward to install. If you are comfortable with downloading, unzipping and FTPing to a server, then it is straightforward to set-up and create it onto nearly any paid hosting account. If you are not so technically competent and are only setting up a weblog for tasks as for instance work from home, then the other extraordinary news around WordPress is that lots of hosts have easy installation systems. With these, you buy the domain name and some hosting and straightforwardly press a button or two and the package is installed for you.

But, what if you don’t want to, or might’t afford to, pay for hosting? Well, there are still pieces of blogging tools to use and in this case, take a look at Blogger, which is my second favourite for blogging. There are not so many avenues open to you, but it is still just a few clicks to install Google Adsense to earn a bit of cash and you are allowed to earn some extra money through paid posting.

So, that is my recommendations for the best blogging package if you want to know how to start blogging. Ideally you should install WordPress, but if you don’t want to pay a penny for the tool, then take a look at Blogger. Between them, they have everything covered. Happy blogging and feel free to leave a comment as to how you got on with your new blog.

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