The Proper Directory Submission

In the next several minutes you’re going to learn some basic tips for submitting your website to a directory. Plus by implementing these basic techniques you can greatly improve your directory marketing efforts. Some topics we’re going to cover in this article well include, selecting keywords, titles, and the basics of a good description.

Keywords: When selecting keywords you need words that reflect the website topic. For example lets say you have a gift directory your keywords could be something like this. gifts, gift, directory, gift directory, search, presents, birthday, holiday, her, him, and baby. When choosing keywords it’s very important to remember, major search engines are look for keywords in both title and description that match your website’s content. 

Okay now that we’ve selected a good group of keywords we need to write a title and description. When writing them you need to add some words from your keyword list, and one or two words need to be in both the title and description. Title: Your title needs to be to the point, and very relevant to the page it’s linked to. Titles shouldn’t be more than five or six words long. Titles need to be catchy and fit with the description. When writing the title use at least one to three keywords from the keyword list you made. 

Description: This is the most important part when submitting a directory listing. Your description should be 40 words or longer and have ten or twelve keywords in it. For the best results your description should be well written with correct spelling and grammar. Your description needs to inspire people to visit your website. When people read a good listing they’re interested in seeing what your website has to offer.  Examples of good and bad descriptions can be viewed below.

Gifts Gifts and More Gifts
Our gift directory is the place to began when searching for gifts on the web. Whether it’s a baby birthday gift for her, holiday presents for him, or a memorable gift for the whole family, you’re sure to find the gifts you’re looking for at

Birthday Anniversary Gifts Directory
Wedding Gifts Internet Searching Corporate Birthday Holiday gift directory  From the examples above which one would you click?

Alright now that we covered the basics of a proper directory submission, there are a few secrets you should know to again help make your directory marketing a successful one. Every directory submission should be unique. Every time you submit a new listing in a different directory , you need to write a new title and description using a new set of words. Duplicate listings may be mistaking for Spam by some search engines. You should submit pages with in your website to relevant directory categories. And finally you should have two main keywords that you can use in every directory listing. 

I hope this information is helpful in your future directory marketing efforts.

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