Free Search Engine Optimization – Grow Your Business With These 5 SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important for your business website to get traffic to rank higher in search results. Not surprisingly, great search engine optimization services could be expensive and cheap SEO services could be risky. Many such services use unethical SEO strategies that get fantastic results in the short-term but risk your website’s removal from Google, Bing, and other search engines. Small businesses typically do not have the extra dollars to hire professional SEO services or buy often used keywords against competition that is prepared to pay top dollar.
Even without spending any money, small businesses can take a number of steps to improve the natural ranking of their website. Take for example the option of using non-textual media to attract attention. An innovative opening has come up with Google’s Universal Search concept that highlights videos, images, maps and more along with the regular search listing. Other free of charge SEO tactics that can make a difference to your website ranking in search results are:

1. Registering your business on Google Local Business Center

Google Local Business listings display your business for several keyword phrases in your local area, with your brand information, a map along with directions to your office and contact details and website address if any. This is a chance to advertise your business irrespective of it being an e-commerce website or a brick-and-mortar establishment. List your business address here and include appropriate keywords in the listing title and description. The information is confirmed before your registration is accepted. Encourage clients to upload their review of your business in the Google Local Business listing and get links from other websites such as commercial directories, yellow pages, etc. Yahoo! Local offers similar features.

2. Registering your business on Google Product Search

Develop a web feed for your products and add information such as description, price, specifications, benefits, and other information. Make sure you include relevant keywords, the brand name, and product name in the title and details of the product entry. If your product listing includes client reviews, it looks more trustworthy. Encourage buyers to leave reviews by offering discounts or similar incentives.

3. Create a buzz with social media networking

Social media networking is the latest trend in advertising a business or a brand. As these websites are visited every day by hoards of potential customers, they are an ideal platform to start a conversation about your business. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter drive interested customers to your website as trending topics often get picked up by search engines.

4. Using multimedia

When clients enter some keyword phrase into a search box, their main purpose is to get information. Multimedia such as videos, audio files, animations, etc. can also fulfill this requirement. You must ensure that the video title and description includes relevant and popular keywords to make sure it comes up in search results. Here too, customer reviews and feedback helps your credibility. If your video is informative and liked by people, more of them will post links to the video or tag it as their favorite, thereby improving your brand visibility.

5. Publishing articles related to latest industry news

Websites such as Google News love to display articles on trending subjects. Create content that revolves around relevant trending topics and include targeted keywords in the title. Good content can get inbound links from blogs and other websites. It helps drive traffic to the site.

These guidelines should help small businesses start on their SEO initiatives. Without basic SEO, a business website cannot attract prospects. Even if advertising is not the principal aim of your website, not optimizing it is your loss. Websites cannot magically improve sales or expand your customer base. Some marketing is a must, and SEO is the least expensive means of attracting traffic.

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