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One of the very first web presences I started earning an income with was I created a simple online business blog and continually talked about issues that pertained to the make money online niche. It was easy to see that if I planned to make money blogging then I would need a long term blogging plan. There is not quick money when it comes to blogging, but the longer you stick with your blog the easier it will be to create a monthly income. The first thing of course is deciding what you would like to blog about and actually creating the blog. Once these two things are done you should focus on content creation and indexing within Google. I will do my best to cover all of these things in this post.

First off picking a topic and creating the blog should not be a rash decision. If you want true blogging success then you will need two things. The first thing you will need is to have true passion about whatever you want to blog about. If you have passion even when the audience is low you will still be able to find time and blog. The second thing you should check is the size of the audience. You will only need to do this if you are wanting to blog about a really specific blogging topic such as “Green Anoles” which is a type of lizard. Go to Google and type in Google Adwords Keyword Tool then type in the title to your blog. This tool will bring up the term with the monthly traffic as well as 800 closely related terms. Make sure that the topic you want to write about is getting enough traffic to suit your needs.

The next step once you have decided to create your blog on a certain topic and chose the name and URL for your blog is content creation. A blog is only as good as the content published on it so really work hard learning everything you can about your niche and publishing top notch articles. You should also make sure and publish posts on a regular basis. The best way to succeed with a blog is being consistent when it comes to content creation. At the very least publish one post each and every day on your blog.

The last thing you need to do is get your blog indexed within Google. There is two ways to do this the first is submitting your website to Google directly. I have done this and it usually take a few weeks before Google will even look at the website. If you would prefer to speed things along then write an article and submit it to making sure to leave your link in the authors resource or go to and in your profile they have a “my website” section place your link here and you should be indexed within a matter of hours. Also make sure and set up Google webmaster tools this will also help speed the process of getting indexed.

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