Time To Work On Your Internet Business

Many people I have come across don’t understand when they create their little blogger blog or use their facebook profile to market an affiliate program they are and have created an internet business. When you start making money online for yourself without being hired by a company you have passed into the world of online business. The reason I know this is when I went and completed my income taxes last year I told the tax professional about the money I have made online and his exact words were “congratulations you own a business”. Personally I thought I was just making a few extra bucks to help with bills, but it turns out that anything over ten dollars has to be claimed on your income taxes. Anyone with a little experience and work can easily surpass this mark and when you do be sure to keep track of your income for tax reasons. Also be sure you keep track of all expenditures whether hosting, marketing, or anything else that you have purchased for your online business so you can claim the expenses on your taxes which will help with the amount you have to pay back.

Now that you understand even if you are making a little bit of money each month you are running an online business what can you do to build it up both in terms of size and income generation. These two things will usually coincide with each other so when you do one expect to see a rise in the other. First let’s focus on your online business size which can be measured in the amount of pages you have indexed in Google. There are so many ways that you can increase the size of your business especially with the creation of all these social networking websites. The websites such as twitter and facebook allow you to easily build a list which was once only possible through email marketing and list building. There are also websites such as squidoo and hubpages that allow you to create single pages on whatever topic you would like to create the pages about. Not only do you get freedom with these websites, but also they allow you to make money from the work you do by sharing any income generated by your pages. Nothing will take the place of a full presence so if you do not have one start a website at 000webhost.com or a blog at blogger.com.

The second way you can work on your business is finding ways which you can increase your earnings. In the majority of cases your earning will directly reflect the size and authority of your web presence so spend time creating content which will increase the size. There are certain steps you can take to make sure you will be getting paid from the increasing size of your web presence. When you create a blog or website be sure to place Google Adsense or some other form of traffic monetization. You can find affiliate products appropriate for your niche at clickbank.com and amazon.com. Do not create a page without having some way which you can make money off it. You can also create a product such as an e-book and market the book on all of your pages. One reason I really like blogging is when you create a blog you are allowed to alter the main template so every post/page you create will have the affiliate links and PPC publishing you place on the main index. Remember it will take work to earn money online so be prepared to work hard creating a massive online presence.

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