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Step-By-Step Copywriting Course

Learn to write killer copy for your articles, sales pages and ads with this copywriting course which is filled with enlightening copywriting techniques specifically geared toward getting your site ranked high with the search engines and converting BIG TIME!

If all customers are not the same (and they most definitely are not), then himageow can "one-size-fits-all" copywriting - with no course or focus - apply to every type of customer? The truth is... it can't! And "one-size-fits-all" copywriting doesn't SELL to every type of customer, either.

Yet, countless people who have never taken a qualified copywriting course sit down to write and blindly putting words on a page, giving no thought to who will be reading that page. You have to understand your customers. You have to be able to tap into what they need and then give it to them. Otherwise you're just wasting online space.

Search engines, on the other hand, are pretty much the same when it comes to getting solid, high rankings. There are things you should do - and not do - to achieve those coveted top spots.

Content is still king… IF you understand how to create “search engine copy.“ “I used to fancy myself as a creative writer who could easily knock up effective sales copy. (Those words "easily knock up" should have made me see the light of day!)

So, I went off happily lumbering into the world of copywriting. After reading "The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course", I realized that there is a difference between "writing" and "copywriting'; and, that talent in one area does not necessarily equate to talent in the other.

Most of the copywriting courses just sort of leave you hanging. They give you general ideas with no specific information about YOUR particular customers. They don’t offer information on how to create search engine copy that would impress your customers AND the engines. With The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course, that's all about to change!

You'll Discover Copywriting Strategies Like:

- THE most important and most overlooked aspect of copywriting.
- the 4 personalities of customers and how to get them all respond to your copy.
- the difference in how men and women buy... and how to use it to your advantage.
- how to choose between long and short copy.
- how to write powerful copy even if your target audience includes everybody!
- the 11 proven headline styles and how to effectively write each of them.
- plus... words thaimaget make your headlines POP!

• Stop staring blankly at your computer screen.

• Stop hoping the "search engine gods" will bless you.

• Stop stressing over your lack of sales and do something about it.

The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course Will Give You:
- A format that allows you to work at your ..own pace
- Step-by-step instruction with lots of examples
- Lessons so you can practice writing exceptional copy, and so much more...

You can find out more and download your copy of The Step-By-Step Copywriting Course HERE!