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PPC Search Engine Marketing

One of the best ways to get targeted visitors to your website, is via Pay per click (PPC) Search Engine. If you have a new website or aren't having much luck getting into the regular search engine results, then I highly recommend starting a PPC search engine marketing campaign.

Google Adwords is the top pay per click search engine. I have used Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) and a few of the lesser known PPC engines and I must say that Google is my favorite. It delivers an effective, large volume of traffic and it is easy to use. You can sign up for your own Google Adwords account here.

Before you get started, please take the time to read the help guide - I'm sure you don't want to begin your campaign only to find out a week later that you've spent 10 times your advertising budget! I would also highly recommend signing up to receive Search Marketing Lab & Search Marketing Lab Report, so that you can learn all the important stuff and save yourself both money and time.

The second biggest PPC search engine marketing site is Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly known as Overture. Yahoo has the second highest volume of traffic after Google. To my mind, Google Adwords is much easier to use than Yahoo! Search. With Google Adwords there is no minimum spend per month, and the cost per click tends to be cheaper with Google. Yahoo! Search has a minimum spend of $20, and if you only spend $10 in a month they will still automatically deduct the other $10 from your account!

It may be a good idea to start off with Google Adwords, then as soon as you're satisfied with the performance of your ad and the conversion rate of your keywords you can then replicate the campaign in Yahoo! Search Marketing. You can sign up for your own Yahoo! Search Marketing account here.

Lastly, don't neglect the smaller PPC search engines. Some of them can be very useful when you are just starting out and have a small budget. Many of these search engines offer keywords at just 1c per click. Here are just a few...

Enhance - from .10c per bid
7Search - from 1c per bid
FindWhat - from 1c per bid
GoClick - from 1c per bid
Kanoodle - from 5c per bid
LookSmart - from 10c per bid
SearchFeed - From 1c per bid

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