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Promoting Your Website

The day your website goes live is an tremendously exciting and rewarding day. You've opened your first Internet store, You are now ready to welcome visitors and customers to your site. Now the vigorous promotion of your website begins.

The basic promotion of your website should have begun when you first thought of starting your business You should have been asking yourself some of these questions:

- What are you planning to sell,
- Is it the kind of product people on the internet want?

There are several marketing methods available online here are a few of them:

image put an email form on as many web pages as possible
image you could put a response or feedback form which is relevant and easy to use on your website
image make sure your website is search-engine friendly
image submit your website to the major search engines
image write articles and submit them to exine and article directories
image promote your website and promotion pages on the traffic exchanges
image get some business cards, advertisements
image write and issue press releases
image join and participate in online forums geared to your business...

You should also have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization, and will need to keep all the key elements in mind as you promote your site. To learn more about marketing and promoting your new website go to the Internet Marketing section of this website

You should continue to revise and update you website, adding new pages as your learn who your visitors are, how they find your site, and just what they are looking for when they visit.

Profitable Home Business has a number of profitable home business ideas, money making opportunities and an impressive library of home business articles and other resources to help you start, build and promote your home business:

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imageFree Networking Opportunity
imageFree e-Book: "Docomology" - The Science of Making Money Online
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... just to name a few

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Explore all your options, discover your strengths and capitalize on them, establish yourself in the online community and above all, learn how to be a Profitable Home Business Entrepreneur. Do not give up! With the right attitude, savvy marketing techniques and hard work, your home business will gradually grow and prosper.

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