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Can 'direct-to-desktop' replace e-mail?

If you're like me, you've had enough of the plummeting response rates your e-mail marketing campaigns have been getting lately.

The problem? Overflowing inboxes, overzealous spam filters, bouncebacks, blacklists, and so on...

But there's a BRAND-NEW technology on the Internet marketing scene that very few people know about yet...

... and that is threatening to REPLACE e-mail altogether!

The few smart marketers who are using it have reported incredible results.

In fact, they say that the secret to the "new wave" of Internet marketing lies in


Article Submission Information

Information on how to use articles for promotion

Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote your website and best of all it is free! You don't need to be an expert on the topic you are writing about - just pick an area that is related to the theme of your website, do a bit of research using a search engine and before you know it you will have more knowledge on that subject than most.

When you've completed your article, the next step is to submit it to the article directories for free. I won't list them all here as there are hundreds of article directories on the Internet. You can easily find some more good ones by searching on Google. The ones listed below will help you get started. These are the ones that have given me the highest exposure:

Article City
Article Central
Article Connection
Article Directory
Articles Factory
Business Tool Chest
Ezine Articles
Go Articles
Idea Marketers
Link Snoop
Submit Your Article
Valuable Content

Follow the formatting instructions carefully as each article directory has different formatting instructions. Most of them do not require your articles to be formatting. To save you time, create an unformatted article with no hard line breaks except between paragraphs. Do this in a text document such as notepad or microsoft word. It will help if you prepare a short description of your article and decide on your keywords as most directories also require this information to be submitted with the article.

Remember to include a a resource box at the end of your article. This is your big chance to tell everyone about you and your website. If your article holds your readers interest to to its end, they will want to find out more about the author. This is your opportunity to get another targeted visitor to your website.

Submitting articles to numerous article directories is time consuming and you may find that it is easier to pay someone to do the job for you. The following sites have a submission service. Each site has a different number of sites or groups that the article can be posted to and charges a different price depending on the service.

Submit Your Article
The Article Marketer
Opportunity Update
Ezine Trendz

Or you could use software to automate your article submissions e.g.

Article Submitter - This powerful software lets you automatically submit your articles to all the article directories, and ezines.
Instant Article Submitter - Submit all your articles (and your ezines) automatically. If you write articles regularly or have your own ezine this software will save you a lot of time.

If you feel you don't want to write your own articles because of time constraints, you can join a private label company, like Info Go Round which will allow you use and publish their articles with your own personal resource box. You can change these articles in any way you like to make them more personal.

Alternatively you can pay someone else to write an article for you. I recommend Just Articles, they will write you a professional article for a reasonable price.

You will find that the number of visitors to your site increase once you start writing and publishing articles. Your search engine ranking will also be given a boost as a result of all these extra back links.


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