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Find Reliable Web Hosting

How To Find Reliable Web Hosting For Your Site

By now you should have chosen your domain name and you are thinking of how to find reliable web hosting for your website. When shopping for web hosting choose a web host that offers a good package and allows room for growth. Choose a package based on disk space, bandwidth or file transfer limits, email accounts and additional services such as databases and included software.

Disk space
Disk space refers to the amount of room you are allowed for your files – the number and the size of your pages, graphics, and so on... You can probably start out with 25-50MB (megabytes) of disk space. The average web page is under 50K in size (unless they contain a large number of graphics) so a 25 page website will require just 1.2 MB of disk space.

You will need additional disk space for email storage, database use, and other files necessary to run your website. 50MB of disk space should give you plenty of room to grow, but be sure that you can easily upgrade (without exorbitant prices) should the need arise.

Website Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the amount of activity on your site so the more visitors you have, the more bandwidth you need. Many web hosting packages provide unlimited bandwidth, but 2 GB should be more than enough to start. Again, make sure you can upgrade if needed.

Email Accounts
You’ll probably want at least one pop3 email account associated with your site, but having several would help you organize your incoming email.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting your web host is reliability. It’s probably also one of the more difficult factors to evaluate. Most companies will have “guaranteed up time,” but what does that really mean? To have your monthly fee refunded for downtime is no consolation when your site has been down for days. Look for a site that provides a history of their uptime. All sites will have some downtime for maintenance and other issues outside their control, but you want your site to be consistently available.

Some other elements you may want to consider:

image Is customer support available 24/7?

image How often are back-ups performed? If data is lost, the backup system will help you ..recover your site. Be sure to perform your own backup on a regular - basis

image You may need other software like Nvu (more in the design your website section), shopping cart, web design service or templates, sub domains, mailing lists, databases, etc.

image You definitely want website statistics so you can see how many visitors you receive and from where.

I host all my websites with Host4Profit because of the superb quality of their hosting (99% up time) and their EXCEPTIONAL support.

Check out some of these details:
image 300 Meg of space & 10 Gig of Traffic
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image Free hosting for referring just three people.
image Fast, high quality customer support
image Additional Hosting Accounts for just $5 each
image Free Membership to the Internet Warriors

As soon as you have chosen your web host, you can build your website.

Host4Profit - The Ultimate Web Host For All Your Web Sites...

"Sooner or later you realize that you must have your own domain. However, who do you get to host that domain makes all the difference in the world. Most hosts simply provide you with space and that's that. You're on your own when it comes to making your new website profitable. has changed all that. We turn a necessity into a profit machine." [click here to learn more...]

Web Hosting


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